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1. Data controller

Name of Service Provider : Mária Vanyovszki (hereinafter: Data Controller)
E-mail address of Service provider:
A Service provider phone number: +36 30 6042901

2. Legal background, legal basis, purpose of data processing on the website, scope of personal data processed, and duration of data processing

2.1. Information about the use of cookies

The Data Controller uses so-called cookies when visiting the website. 

The purpose of the summary of principles related to the use of cookies is to provide information about the use of cookies or similar data storage technologies (hereinafter: cookies) on the website.

Cookies are sent by our website to your browser in order to save certain settings, facilitate the use of our website and contribute to the collection of some statistical information about our visitors. Cookies themselves do not collect data stored on your computer or in files. Please read the following notice carefully for more information on how we collect information when you use this website.

2.1.1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small data packages that are stored on your computer by the web browser you are using in order to save certain information. The next time you visit our website from the same computer, the information stored in cookies will be returned either to our website ("first-party cookie") or to another website to which the cookie belongs ("third-party cookie").

Through the stored and returned information, the visited website recognizes that you have already visited that particular website with the browser used on your computer. We use this information to display our website in an optimal way. In this sense, we only identify the cookie on the computer. In addition, we only store your personal data if you expressly consent to this.

The legal background and legal basis of cookies: the background of data management is the CXII of 2011 on the right to self-determination of information and freedom of information. Act (Infotv.) and CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commercial services and services related to the information society. are the provisions of the law. The legal basis for data management is Infotv. Your consent in accordance with Section 5 (1) point a).

2.1.2. Consent to the use of cookies

Cookies that are not absolutely necessary to use the services of our website (you can read about absolutely necessary cookies in point 2.1.3) are only used if you have agreed to this in advance. If you actively use our website and continue browsing even after the cookie label appears, you consent to the use of cookies.

You can change the settings for the use of cookies, activate or deactivate individual cookie categories at any time. You can find more information on how to turn off cookies in the browser in general in 2.1.4. in point

2.1.3. Types of cookies

Based on their purpose and operation, cookies can be classified into the following categories:

Absolutely necessary cookies: absolutely necessary cookies guarantee the functioning of those functions without which you would not be able to use our website properly. These cookies are used only by us, so they are "first party cookies". This means that all information stored in cookies is transferred to our website. The absolutely necessary cookies make it possible, for example, that if you click on different subpages after entering a website, you will always be recognized as a registered user, and you will not have to log in again every time you open a new subpage. This is just an example, no registration is required on our site.

The use of strictly necessary cookies is also possible without the consent of the website visitor. Therefore, strictly necessary cookies cannot be turned on and off individually. This function only it is available if it is a cookie whose use requires consent, such as functional and performance-enhancing cookies. However, you always have the option to disable cookies in general in your browser (see point 2.1.4).

Necessary cookie used on the site: Session ID type JSESSIONID cookie. Session cookies are temporarily stored in the browser's memory and are deleted when the browser is closed. They help the website to work as quickly and efficiently as possible in the browser.

Among the functional cookies, our site uses Google Analytics cookies. They only collect anonymous information, so they cannot, for example, track your movements on other websites. Our website uses Google Analytics cookies (_ga, _gid and _gat), which collect the visitor's non-personal data for statistical purposes. Visitors are presented with a random identifier (for example 12345.67890) in a completely anonymous, non-identifiable way with stored information . These cookies are longer-lived, for example due to the collection of return visits for statistical purposes. Google Analytics and the website do not collect or store any personal data about visitors. Our website does not use advertising or remarketing cookies, only cookies for analytical purposes. More details:


2.1.4. How to delete/disable cookies?

All browsers allow you to change cookie settings. However, it is very important that since the purpose of cookies is to facilitate the usability and processes of our website, if the use of cookies is prevented or deleted, it is possible that our users will not be able to fully use the functions of our website, or that the website will work differently than planned in their browser.

Cookie-related settings are usually found in the "Settings" menus of browsers. The links below will also help you with setting cookies, and you can find more information in the "Help" menu of each browser.


2.1.5. How to withdraw consent?

If you have consented to the use of cookies, the browser stores cookies on your computer or other device so that our system can recognize your settings. Consent expires from time to time. However, if you wish to withdraw your consent, you can do so at any time in the cookie settings of your browser.

For more detailed information about cookies, visit the following websites:


Google Analytics Cookies


You can find more information about deleting cookies at the following links:

Internet Explorer:




2.2. Data management related to ordering and invoicing

Legal background and legal basis of data management:

The background of data management is the CXII of 2011 on the right to self-determination of information and freedom of information. Act (Infotv.) and the provisions of Act C of 2000 on accounting (Act.). The legal basis for data management is Infotv. Pursuant to point a) of § 6, paragraph (5), the fulfillment of the legal obligation imposed on the Data Controller, set forth in the Sztv.


The purpose of data management:
The purpose of the data management is known to the data subject, its purpose is only the creation of the customer relationship and the conclusion of the contract, as well as the issuance of an invoice in accordance with the legislation and the fulfillment of the obligation to preserve accounting documents.


Scope of processed data:
Name, e-mail address required for customer contact on the contact registration form. These are absolutely necessary, minimum data from which and with which data the information requested by the data subject can be provided. In order to enter into a contract, name, address and identity proof data (identity card number, place of birth, time and mother's name), as well as an e-mail address and telephone number are required to manage customer relations and services, and a name and address are required to issue an invoice.


Duration and purpose of data management:
The purpose of customer relationship data management is to answer the questions asked by the data subject regarding the service. If no order is placed and the person concerned does not enter into a contract, the data provided by him on the customer contact data sheet will be deleted and will not be stored or used in any way. Deletion deadline: If, after being informed, the data subject decides that he does not wish to enter into a contract and informs us of this, we will delete the data he provided on the customer contact form immediately, no later than within 72 hours. In the absence of feedback, the data will be kept for a maximum of one month, but during this period the data subject has the opportunity to request the deletion of the data entered on the customer contact form at any time.

The invoices issued by Sztv. Based on § 169, paragraph (2), it must be kept for 8 years from the date of issue of the invoice. We would like to inform you that if you withdraw your consent to the issuance of the invoice, the Data Controller, Infotv. Based on point a) of § 6, paragraph (5), you are entitled to keep your personal data obtained during the issuance of the invoice for 8 years.


2.3. Additional data management

If the Data Controller wishes to carry out further data management, it provides preliminary information on the essential circumstances of data management (legal background and legal basis of data management, purpose of data management, scope of data managed, duration of data management).

3. About the use of data processors and their activities related to data management

A data processor will not be used, since the data is not needed for any other activity except for customer relations, service performance, invoicing and contract signing. We do not collect and store data, we do not   send newsletters, nor do any other processing for other or promotional purposes take place.


2.4. Data security measures

The Data Controller declares that it has taken appropriate security measures in order to protect the personal data against unauthorized access, alteration, transmission, disclosure, deletion or destruction, as well as against accidental destruction and damage, as well as against becoming inaccessible due to changes in the technology used.


2.5. Your rights during data management

Within the period of data management, you are entitled to:
The right to information (data management information), the right to access (information on request about whether data management is carried out in relation to it), the right to correct data (clarification of processed data at the request of the data subject), the right to delete data (you can request at any time erasure of your data), the right to restrict data processing (for example, restriction of processing can be requested in the event of a legal dispute), the right to data portability (upon request, you will receive the processed data in a machine-readable format, e.g. .doc, and you are entitled to transfer the data to another data controller), the right to protest right (you are entitled to object to data processing at any time).

You can request information about the management of your personal data. The Data Controller will inform you in writing, in an understandable form, as soon as possible from the submission of the request, but no later than 30 days, about the processed data, the purpose, legal basis and duration of the data processing, and - if the data has also been forwarded - about who and for what purpose receive or have received the data.

You can request that the Data Controller correct your personal data within the period of data management. The Data Controller will comply with your request within 15 days at the latest.

You have the option to request the deletion of your personal data, which the Data Controller will comply with within 72 hours at the latest. The right to deletion does not extend to the case where the Data Controller is obliged by law to continue storing the data, or in the event that Infotv. In accordance with Section 6 (5), the Data Controller is entitled to further process personal data (for example, in connection with invoicing)

2.6. Remedies

If, in your opinion, the Data Controller has violated a legal provision regarding data management or has not fulfilled any of your requests, you can initiate the investigation procedure of the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (address: 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5., e- email:

We would also like to inform you that in the event of a violation of the legal provisions on data management, or if the Data Controller has not fulfilled any of your requests, you may apply to the Court against the Data Controller.

The Data Controller is obliged to report any violations of personal data immediately, but no later than 72 hours after the Data Controller becomes aware of them. If this does not cause great harm to the person concerned, the notification must be made to the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority. Notification of the data subject is required in the event of a data breach that is believed to pose a high risk (e.g. leakage of bank access).


2.7. Registration in the data protection register

Infotv. pursuant to its provisions, the Data Controller must report its data processing related to its marketing activities to the data protection register. Infotv. On the basis of Section 65 (3), the data are collected directly from the data subjects, the purpose of the data processing is known to the data subject, the type of data to be processed, the duration of the data processing (data deletion) is predetermined, the data are only used in connection with the predetermined purpose and the data does not come out of our processing, due to which the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority does not keep a record of data processing.


2.8. Modification of data management information

The Data Controller reserves the right to modify this data management information. By using the website after the amendment enters into force, you accept the amended data management information. The Data Controller ensures that, in the event of a modification, the previous text version is also available on the website.

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