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My name is Maria Vanyovszki
I'm a coach and counsellor

Coaching my individual and corporate clients maximize their potentials both personal and professional. I can help you to set, meet, and often exceed your goals. During the coaching, we place great emphasis on: improving communication, deepening self-awareness, broadening perspectives and experiencing the joys of life.
This is how we achieve a happier life, fulfilled both personal and professional.

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Do you even need a coach?

Coaching is a great way to bring out the best in yourself at work, in your personal life, in your professional and privat relationships. This works when coaching is used well. 


Coaching develops. Skills, personality, communication, resilience. It deepens our self-awareness, gives us a new insight into our talents and potential. It gives tools and motivation for change plans, develops communication and behavioural repertoire.

We also have much more potential than we can see on our own.

Just like a coach in sport, in coaching the coach supports the 'competitor' from the 'sidelines' with an outside perspective to bring out the best in him or her.


No matter how much you have achieved, there is always the potential to make your life better.

You're in the right place if YOU:

  • want to make a difference in your life.

  • looking for ways to be more productive, more successful, and happier.

  • want to improve your communication.

  • would like to improve your behavioural repertoire.

  • are looking for ways to maintain or increase your motivation.

  • have a dream, a desire, but doesn't know how to go about it.

  • are dissatisfied with your current situation - stuck, stress, job, lifestyle, career, relationship - but not feeling strong enough to change, or you are afraid.

  • feels lost in a radical change from outside.

  • feel like you are not moving forward, not where you want to be and want to change that.

  • are in search of security, adventure, love, happiness, fulfilment, peace of mind.

A coachingról




Recommended for anyone in case of career challenges, professional issues, private life plans, or other changes in life.


For companies, managers, and groups of employees where increasing performance, setting common goals, developing effective group dynamics and loyalty are important.

BUSINESS coaching

For entrepreneurs and managers for identifing opportunities, developing skills, expanding toolkits, increasing efficiency and when dealing with difficulties. 



"Maria's well-targeted questions and her conscious but attentive and supportive presence kept pushing me to set my own goals and dare to be brave enough to start working on them. Her presence gave structure to what had previously been a vague set of ideas. Maria has been following and supporting my work ever since, and our relationship has remained alive."

Marianna Szabó


Maria Vanyovszki

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