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  • change-supporting and developmental tools

  • improving collaborational inclinations

  • base of sustainable and constant improvement

When is team coaching recommended?

  • Change management

  • Performance relapses

  • Motivational downturns

  • Crysis management

  • Managing projects

  • Fine tuning complex professional projects

  • Followup trainings

  • Deepening the professional development

Who is it for?

  • Large companies

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises

  • Employee groups

  • Non-governmental organisations

  • Other institutions

  • Where value creation is the basis

  • Aim for productivity

  • Need for effective group dynamics

  • And it's important to retain and develop staff.


How it works?

• utilitizing the power of group dynamics, through roles, and patterns recognition attitude change becomes possible

• improves and supports project management, systems thinking, conflict resolution, communicational techniques

• helps experiential learning, and deepening of knowledge

​• creates the feeling of a „real community, team”

• improves personal and social competencies

• makes the individual and group resources counscious, recognition of sinergies becomes possible, and applicable


• facilitates inspiration, motivation and engagement

• provides maximal flexibility in redefinition of business or personal goals


• making routines, professional schemas broken, and strenghtens intuitive perception

• decisionmaking, delegation, managing time demands, and long-term, sustained growth in performance

• action follows the theoretical solution, the explicit action plan strenghtens the engaged execution, making change tangible, and measureable

Tools I work with: Solution Circle, Action Learning, Reflecting Team, World Cafe, Future Search Conference, Open Space, dynamic facilitation, collegial counseling, group conflict management, etc.

In addition to a successful business, the goal is the development of group dynamics, the joy of cooperation and the individual's personal well-being. 

If you are looking for individual coaching take a look at the following pages: 

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