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Who am I?

I am an entrepreneur and coach.

At the age of 13, I left a small village in Transylvania to continue my education and to see the world. I worked in the corporate sector for more than ten years in finance, economics and law. Prior to that I worked in the non-profit sector on cultural projects and charitable causes. During these years I lived in Romania, Hungary and China.

In 2015, after a series of tragedies, I began an intense inner journey through grief. After working 6 years also in the creative industry and as a result of my self-work, I began to empower the businesses of others and realised that this was my life.

Why did I become a coach?


  • I believe that the possibilities of the world can be available to anyone without limits.

  • I seek challenges and support innovation, novelty and change.

  • Using my experiences and professional tools I love to contribute to the fulfilment of my inspiring clients, all of whom are making an impact on the world or preparing to make an impact.

  • I love life, and I believe that this experience is for everyone, so that we can enjoy life to the fullest, becoming more fulfilled as individuals and in our potential.


I believe that making individuals feel better about themselves makes our world a better place, too.

What can you contact me with?

Flying Books

making dreams come true

business development

efficiency development

self-awareness, communication

development of self-management

motivating colleagues


changing life situation

professional challenges

leadership development

organizational development

life roles, life goals


personal COACHING

Recommended for anyone in case of career challenges, professional issues, private life plans, or other changes in life.


For companies, managers, and groups of employees where increasing performance, setting common goals, developing effective group dynamics and loyalty are important.

business coaching

For entrepreneurs and managers for identifing opportunities, developing skills, expanding toolkits, increasing efficiency and when dealing with difficulties. 


"Maria's well-targeted questions and her conscious but attentive and supportive presence kept pushing me to set my own goals and dare to be brave enough to start working on them. Her presence gave structure to what had previously been a vague set of ideas. Maria has been following and supporting my work ever since, and our relationship has remained alive."

Marianna Szabó


Maria Vanyovszki

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