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Happy Girl

If all your wishes came true overnight, what kind of life would you wake up to?

Have you ever thought that one of the biggest obstacles to make dreams come true is that they are not verbalised?

When someone is not fully aware of his or her strengths, can not see his or her potentials... How can he or she then formulate his wildest dreams?!

How would you know where to start, how to begin? What are the obstacles? What is missing?


These are the questions we answer in the coaching process.

If you want to change,too, you've come to the right place...

What happens during coaching?


Gaining deeper understanding of your current situation, we define your vision, set new and more challenging goals, and create an action plan.


We look back at your driving forces, and what is holding you eventually back. We indentify your strengths and highlights your values in life. 


Creative coaching techniques strengthens your personality, let you see out of your comfort zone  and elevate from where you are and soar high.


You will learn how to take effective action and focus your efforts on what really matters. By modelling situations, you will master how to use challenges to expand your opportunities.


Offering a supportive yet objective approach as you make progress. Pushing you in healthy ways, assisting you in reasoned, well-informed risk-taking and motivating you to achieve more.


Coaching is a journey of self-discovery and development, which helps you to enjoy even the process, so you can live your best life, empowered, confident and free.

How do I support you?

I believe that each person knows his own situation best and can see all its aspects.

The decision you make for yourself will be the best one. Whatever the outcome, you will learn and grow the most from it. As a coach, I help you to better understand your situation, your abilities and your potential, to set your goals, to maintain focus and to implement your plans.

I ask questions. Some of them will suprise you and others will be hard to answer, making you to think over everything... I listen, take notes, comment, empower. I use tools that make you feel confident and comfortable moving forward, refining, improving and enhancing your life.

The process begins with analyzing the possibilities of your current situation, your needs and goals for change. With questions, suggestions and creative coaching tools, I support your improvement, the development of new perspectives, the formulation of choices and alternatives. 


We specify the important values and clarify the vision. We raise your awareness and empower you, so that you can move towards a happier life.


The most important achievement is to always know better, accept and love yourself.



Virtual Conference

Online coaching is a new option for people who live in another country or city.


The spread of online coaching has been accelerated by the epidemic situation, which has strengthened its justification. More and more people are seeking support in the comfort of their own homes and are choosing the online option, even if we live in the same city. 

Comfortable, safe and effective!

Based on the experience of recent years, the process also works efficiently through a computer: not only the questions, the communication, the tools, the techniques, but also the alignment of the two people, the client and the coach. Whether it is personal coaching or group sessions, online opportunities provide space for personal and professional development.


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